Do you keep a gratitude diary?

I found a huge range of beautiful journals on special at Kmart this week already for back to school. I have decided to use one as a gratitude diary because I feel no matter how good or bad life gets the important thing is to remain grateful for all we do have. By focusing my attention on what is good I can slowly get rid of dwelling on the negative. Yes, I’m sore – who isn’t? Yes, I’m broke (not really I have a roof over my head and food on the table) there are a lot of people worse off than me. Yes, my head hurts (but lets be honest when did you last drink water). See we all have crappy days, we can all focus on the worst or the best!

So what do you write in a gratitude diary?

Yes, you new bub is cute. Your partner is gorgeous. Britany Spears is the most amazing singer ever.

But… you should try and find new things to be grateful for rather than writing the same thing every day. This helps our mind focus on new and wonderful aspects of our life and train ourselves to find the beauty, find the good, find the kindness.

Let me know if you’re keeping a gratitude diary and how its helping you.


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