New Classes

I have been getting lots of requests for some new classes so thanks for all the suggestions.

So along with my Essential Oil Wellness Class which is a great one to start with particularly if you are new to oils because I go through all the important safety information, all about essential oils, lots of smelling, lots of recipes and ideas for how to use them.

New classes are:

Essential Oils for Energy – don’t we all need this one? Lots of essential oils that can help you get more out of the day without coffee or redbull!

Beauty Products with Essential Oils – I love beauty products and making my own so I share lots of tried and true recipes and essential oil blends that work beautifully with beauty products.

Taking Care of Man’s Best Friends – One for all the doggy and cat lovers out there.

Essential Oils for Stress Relief – This is the oils I use every day to help me cope in a very busy and stressful job.

Mother and Daughter Make and Take Class – Not just for mums and daughters you can bring anyone along with you but I just love the idea of all of us hanging out making something beautiful and useful. In this class you will get to make your own essential oil bracelet – these use lava or raw wood beads which absorb essential oil so you have a beautiful fragrance all day. I have lots of other beautiful gems and beads so everyone’s taste and style is covers.

I will also be organising more Online classes – while these aren’t the best for enjoying the smell of oils I do understand how hard it is to get a babysitter sometimes. I hope you still get lots of useful information from them anyway. If you feel drawn to any particular oil and would like a sample please let me know – if I have it in my collection I will organise a sample for you.

As always I am happy to do one on one wellness consultations too if you have a lot of questions or would like some more specific advise.




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