So my good friend Janelle Twine over at Seeds of Health just released a new ebook called Nurturing 9 – Holistic Self Care Toolkit.

I think she might have just written this book just for me at the right time in my life as I am actively looking for ways to improve my health and well being and this book is jamb packed full of great advice I can start integrating into my daily routine.

I would highly recommend getting yourself a copy and it is full of gold!

It is available from her website:

Seeds of Health

I am also so lucky to have her coming to my house on Sunday 19th March at 9am to hold a free Holistic Self Care Masterclass. She has tailored this slightly just for me to show how to use essential oils for each of the Nurturing 9 seeds.

I feel so lucky to have her offering this course as she lives up in Cairns and was really just coming down for a conference!

Please feel free to share this event with any of your friends and family that would be interested as I am not going to be able to run it as a regular event – unless we all want to chip in for airfares.



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