Different ways to enjoy essential oils – Part 1

Topically enjoying oils is a beautiful and extremely powerful way to use essential oils.

Here are some ways I use essential oils everyday:

Aromatic rub – this combines a bit of fractionated coconut oil (about a tablespoon) with 2-3 drops of essential oil. My favourite at the moment is 2 of lavender and 1 of geranium. I then mix these all together and apply all over my skin when I hop out the shower in the morning. This is a beautiful way to start the day and the scent just releases gently as your body warms it.

For a good nights sleep – I apply a few drops of lavender with a few drops of fractionated coconut oil and masssage into the soles of my feet before bed for a peaceful nights sleep.

Joint pain – for achy joints and stiffness I mix up a blend of wintergreen and lemongrass with a few drops of carrier oil and gently massage in for instant pain relief.

Colds and congestion – for this I mix up a balm with 1 part melted beeswax to 5 parts coconut oil with 30 drops of easy air blend. I apply regularly to my chest to ease the symptoms. Also good with this is to diffuse Onguard morning and night and apply oregano oil to the soles of your feet before bed diluted in a few drops of carrier oil.

Massage – for this I have a few blends I like to use. For hubby I like Aromatouch blend for its fir scent and calming properties. I like Passion blend or a combo of Lavender Peace and Frankie. For massage I like to use Almond oil as my carrier – it makes for a smooth massage medium, doesnt absorb quickly and leaves my skin feeling super soft.

Facial oil – I love to use Jojoba oil on my face and neck and mix in a little Frankinsence and Juniper Berry for anti aging and moisturising.

Blemishes – for these I apply Tea Tree oil neat (undiluted directly to the affected area).

Lip Balm – I made my oil lip balm with shea butter, coconut oil and beeswax in equal proportions melted in a double boiler before adding peppermint oil and setting in little pots. You can easily find these for sale on ebay or aromatools.

Just be careful using citrus oils or blends with citrus in them as they increase your skins photosensitivity to the sun – meaning you can get burnt more easily for up to 12 hours after use. Just make sure you cover up or use a different oil blend.




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