Price of essential oils

I know looking around my shop the essential oils can look expensive especially if you havent used them before or known how potent and pure they are. However when you realise all the first aid, beauty products, cleaning products and cooking you can use the oils for you realise you get great value for money and not only detox your home but also know what you are using on your family is safe and friendly.

I have made a huge number of products from my essential oils and love sharing how you can use them more in your life. From body balms that are personalised to my needs and favourite scents to air fresheners that dont smell like a chemical sh*t storm. I am very passionate about sharing my tips and recipes on how to easily intergrate them into your life. I have my own youtube channel called Wattle Washes so you can search for a particular recipe and also regularly run classes from the basic essential oil wellness class to beauty products with essential oils.

All my classes are listed on my facebook page under the events tab. I am especially excited to be running a mother’s and daughter’s bracelet making class where we make beautiful bracelets which double as scented jewellery – we use wood or lava beads that distribute the scent all day long and can be great to help to support kids emotions or focus while at school.


My Doterra Essential Oils and Health Products Shop


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