Cold and Flu – has it struck you down too?

I have been flooded with cold and flu treatment requests – has it got you too?

How to prevent the bug when everyone else around you has it? For this I use oregano, on guard and wild orange diluted in a roller bottle and applied to my feet and chest 3 times a day.

Blocked nose and painful sinuses? Easy air either diffused or applied to the chest diluted with a carrier oil.

Coughs? Tea tree, lemon and peppermint in the diffuser.

Fever? Peppermint in a spray bottle with water or a damp flanel inflused with peppermint.

Headaches and sore neck? Peppermint diluted then applied to temples, forehead and massaged into neck. Aromatouch is also great for sore, tight muscles.

If you regularly get struck down with colds and flus then I would recommend the Life Long Vitality suppliments.


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