How to diffuse essential oils even if you dont have a diffuser

I love diffusing essential oils but for the times you dont have your diffuser these are some great simple, suggestions on how to get all the benefits without the power!

  1. Did you know you can inhale straight out of the bottle. You can used a few at the same time or inhale each individually.
  2. Blank inhalers can be purchased from aromatools and you can add all your own favourite blends
  3. Add a few drops to a tissue and breathe through the tissue
  4. Aroma jewellery can be made from raw wood beads, ceramic beads or a holding vessel. You can make your own, attend one of my classes or purchase online.
  5. Essential oils can also be applied directly to your clothes or pillowcase so you can breath them in all night long – lavender and vetiver is my favourite for this.

These are just a few simple ways you can enjoy oils on the run!


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