Please find below links to all the great resources I have found useful for my health and well being.


The essential oil educator is my favourite podcast at the moment – listened to Episode 31 at least 5 times! Covers everything from food, fitness, Doterra businesses and of course lots of essential oil goodness.




Mini Modern Essentials Usage Guide 8th Edition

Emotions and essential oils

Essentials of the earth: an encyclopedia of oils, blends and applications



Doterra’s website

All my reference books, bottles and roller balls I get from Aromatools



Modern Essentials app – costs around $10.00 but is fantastic



The Secret

What the bleep do we know


Food Matters

Fat, sick and nearly dead

Hungry for change


Doterra Business 

My business builders group on facebook


Team training page with Leonie Dawson – you will need to be in my team to be accepted into this page so let me know if you would like to be added.


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